Graduate Teaching Assistant

Wright served as a graduate teaching assistant from September 2018 to June 2020. She’s been fortunate to work under the instruction of leading scholars in REP, including Dr. Alvin Tillery, Dr. Traci Burch and Dr. Reuel Rogers.

Law in the Political Arena, Dr. Traci Burch

She was the only TA I had all quarter who was able to lead really good dialogue over Zoom (which is saying something because people tend to be VERY shy on Zoom) and she was my primary source of knowledge for a lot of the course. I would love to have her as a TA in the future because if she was able to deliver such a strong discussion online, I could only imagine how well she would do in person

Andrene is undoubtedly the best TA I’ve had at Northwestern. She comes to every discussion prepared with questions, activities, prompts, etc. She is a wealth of knowledge and she communicates very clearly. Discussion just flows with her. I really enjoyed hearing her perspective and her thoughts. Andrene is an amazing TA!

Very engaging and bright TA, probably the best I’ve had so far. Goes above and beyond to foster interesting discussion during section. Would make a great teacher at the University level


Urban Politics, Dr. Reuel Rogers

Honestly the best TA. She’s fun and approachable, but simultaneously leads discussions that cover a lot of material. Super smart, well–prepared, and made the class experience better overall.

Andrene is great! She dedicates a lot of work to her teaching, and it frankly shows! It translates to my overall comprehension of the understanding from the class but also learn from her about her research in urban politics.

She is dedicated to making sure each student understands course material, and she strives to make discussion sections engaging. She brought in tangible, recent examples of theories/information we learned about in class (e.g., the mixed–income apartment building in NYC and the Newsday documentary about discrimination in the real estate market), which was really helpful


Introduction to American Government and Politics, Dr. Alvin Tillery

Andrene stimulated good discussion based on the course material and I enjoyed that we were able to offer up our own opinions insection. She was also very clear about what we needed to know.

Andrene was a fantastic TA. Well–prepared, willing to address questions, facilitated a highly open discussion environment, etc. Very little (cannot think of any weaknesses) room for improvement.

Andrene always led great discussions in her discussion section, she kept the roomopen and friendly to each other’s ideas, and she always expressed care for how well students were doing in the class, always answering questions if students didn’t feel super confident on a certain topic.


African American Politics, Dr. Reuel Rogers

Andrene was a great TA. She was always organized and ran an engaging discussion section. Definitely one of the best TA’s I’ve had.

Andrene is an incredible instructor and brilliant student of politics.

Andrene was such a wonderful TA; she was always extremely prepared for section and engaged each of us in the discussion. She always brought in very thought provoking questions and points to guide discussion, but also gave all of us agency to ask our own questions from lecture and then cater discussion towards those. She was always very approachable and kind, and I am very grateful to have been in her section this quarter!


Teaching Workshops

Intro to Google Scholar, Teaching Committee, Winter 2020

Designed a 90-minute workshop that familiarized students with an accessible and often overlooked search engine that is most convenient for preliminary research and literature review content. In this workshop, graduate and undergraduate students learned how to best filter and categorize google scholar content, integrate Northwestern library resources, and transfer google scholar content into citation management tools.

Citation Management (Zotero), Bridge Program, Summer 2020

Designed an interactive 90-minute workshop that demonstrates how to use a citation manager for research papers and projects. With a focus on Zotero, students learned how to download the software, organize sources and integrate citations into their word processor.

Intersectional Political Science Pedagogy, Teaching Committee, Winter 2020

Designed a 90-minute workshop on inclusive teaching strategies for graduate students, especially those designing courses on the politics of race, ethnicity, and gender. Graduate students learned how to implement teaching strategies that employed a commitment to equality and multiple identities by prioritizing diverse content and encouraging an inclusive environment.

Online Teaching Exhibition
Co-created with Bethany Hill and Dr. Danny Cohen

An interactive online exhibit that centers the voices of Black mothers who’ve lost their children to gun violence. From their testimonies, the exhibit teaches lessons on grief, justice, and healing. Learn more here.